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Snack Bar

We consider this part of the day as important as their other play and learning. It is a very sociable time of the day and another important opportunity to learn and progress particularly in speech and language. We believe in offering the right foods at the right times to help manage children’s hunger and by boosting their nutrition. Snack also helps picky eaters of all ages get their necessary nutrients. Our snacks are low in sugar, fat and salt. Most of our snack is based on fresh fruit/vegetables and foods that contain whole grains and protein are our preferred choices. We also pay attention and help children make good choices when it comes to snack by encouraging them to try everything on offer, plus a controlled amount per item to help them have a balanced variety. These amounts don’t usually interfere with the children’s appetite when it comes to lunchtime.

Click Here to see a typical 2 week menu

Historically, parents were expected to bring in snack on a daily basis for the session their child was in. This was a tricky situation to manage as we wouldn’t know what snack to expect, usually there were only one or two of each fruit and it was hard to ‘share’ it with all the children fairly. At the time we consulted with parents and decided that charging a small fee of 50p per session ensured each child received (over and above the charge) snack of all the recommended food groups at each session. We need your child’s contribution to snack to ensure we are able to financially sustain it. Alternatively we will have to re-look at how this important social part of the session can be continued. We thank you for your support in this. If you are struggling to pay for the snack on your invoice please talk to us.

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